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Karin Kempf Counseling and Therapy

Grow by working together.

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Why therapy?

Nearly all of us can benefit from talking to someone who is compassionate, non-judgmental, and objective, whose  life is not normally intertwined with our own. This can be particularly true if you are going through an unusually demanding or stressful period. Maybe a specific event or life situation has caused you to feel confused, anxious or depressed. Perhaps you have been struggling with things for so long that you finally reach the point where something must change.


It’s not unusual for our coping mechanisms to stop working effectively, to not be enough, or even to start causing problems themselves. We may find ourselves unable to escape uncomfortable thoughts or patterns of behaviour, whether in ourselves, or in our relationships. Very often, the quality of our relationships - and also with ourself, determines the quality of our life.


Working with a therapist provides the opportunity to explore and understand our issues, relationships, hurtful experiences, or to work with specific problems. Therapy can create a deeper self-awareness and understanding of how and why you have reached this point in your life, and what to do so that you can move forward in healthier and  more fulfilling ways. It can provide new perspectives and lead to solutions when you are feeling stuck.  

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What To Expect

Finding a therapist who you feel that you can work well with, called "goodness of fit," is extremely important. A good fit can help you and your therapist to cultivate an environment where you can dive into productive therapy work, or simply to have a space to discuss issues that you feel like you cannot talk about with the people in your everyday life. Our first meeting will be a consultation to meet each other, discuss what you would like to get out of therapy, to answer any questions that you may have about therapy or our co-operation, to start looking at the issues that you would like to address, and determine goals to work towards. It can also help you to decide whether our cooperation is what you are looking for. 


About Me

I have been interested in psychology and how relationships work since I was a teenager. However, my career path to therapist was not a straight one. I have a graduate degree in education, and spent over 15 years working in  international schools with both students and parents. In addition, I have also spent time in human resources as a recruitment consultant, have worked as a peer counselor, as well as hospice support. All of these activities have allowed me to work with people in different environments and situations, and have given me opportunities to explore human nature. Growing up in America as the child of Czech immigrants, and later moving to the Czech Republic gave me insights into cross-cultural issues, experience with straddling cultures and familiarity with some of the difficulties that can come with settling into a new country, home and life.


I decided that I would like to pursue a career in psychotherapy about 15 years ago, and started working on a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling and Psychology. While I was able to finish most of my degree, I had to put it aside because of starting a family and moving continents. However, 10 years later, my children were older, and it was time to focus on my career again. Once again, I embarked on a journey to earn and, this time, to finish a Master's degree in Psychology. I am also part of an ongoing 5-year psychotherapy training program that is unique to the Czech Republic. Though my training is in systemic therapy, I use an approach which integrates techniques and aspects of a number of different modalities, and I am a great believer of continuing education to keep up with new approaches and findings.

It's been a bit of a winding road, but I can honestly say that my passionate interest in psychology, psychotherapy and relationships has not waned over the decades. I am grateful for the extra life and work experience, as well as for the insights that I have gained, and believe that they are a valuable asset to my work now. 

"Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued - when they can give and receive without judgement."

Dr. Brene Brown


Please make payments in cash, or to 3993347001/5500 (QR code payment available). You will receive an invoice at the end of your session.

Kc.1500  (student rate Kc.1100)                          Kc. 2000

Individual session - 60 minutes                                               Individual session - 90 minutes

 These fees also include preparation, post session notes, and any follow-up communication that may happen outside of session times.

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Perlova 370/3, Prague 1 - Easy walking distance from Metro Mustek, or Quadrio/Narodni Trida. 

Look for the tree logo, buzzer 15, third floor



+420 774 626 638 (text only, please)

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“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

-Albert Einstein

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